ESC - how can do better? The best selection of electronic components Optimizing the control program to the best performance To test and choose the best scheme
Sitela quality and safety Sitela professional design and production of electronic remote control model of peripheral electronic components, the current production of fixed wing, helicopter, the multi axis special electronic governor, CC3D flight control, (and LED control board... We support customers to build their own brands, I believe you will like our services and models.
We can give you the price with the highest quality, try to meet the needs of the development of your business. No matter what color do you want a brushless motor, KV value, or the style we all try our best to meet your requirements.
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Sitela is the brand of KNT, which are specialized in manufacturing and selling connectors& wires for RC Model from 2008, providing the solution ways of different kinds of rc connectors & wires for many RC enterprises all over the world. We provide the service for global RC enterprises with 8 years till 2016, best product quality and credibility make us to grow and develop together. Here we are thankful the customers (partners) who always support us.

We have the common of hobby and goal, if you have the problems of RC connectors&wires, we can try our best to help you to solve them. We dont care how many quantity you ordered, helping the customers to solve problems is our primary goal, making money is not our only fun..

In 2011, we started to recruit the electronic engineers to engage in researching and selling the RC electronic products, now we also help the customers to customize electronic products, and provide the OEM service and packaging design...

At present, we have the products from Electronic Engineering Department as below: 3A-150A Aircraft Brushless ESC, Multi-Rotor Brushless ESC / MINI Multi-Rotor Brushless ESC , Flight control, LED System, customized Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor, excellent quality performance BEC...

Sitela should have the high quality products and the satisfactory service that you need.

Now we are ready to work together with you, so let's start!