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Sitela quality and safety Sitela professional design and production of electronic remote control model of peripheral electronic components, the current production of fixed wing, helicopter, the multi axis special electronic governor, CC3D flight control, (and LED control board... We support customers to build their own brands, I believe you will like our services and models.
We can give you the price with the highest quality, try to meet the needs of the development of your business. No matter what color do you want a brushless motor, KV value, or the style we all try our best to meet your requirements.
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1 - Quality
We assure that the quality of the products is the same as the samples or even better. All products are tested and checked before shipping.

2 - After Sales Service
Thanks for purchasing our products, if you have found the products damage after check the package or have the quality problem when using, please download and fill in the problem form, send it to us via E-mail or your vendor, we will send the replacemet for you (if required, you may need to return it to us), we will pay the freight.

Please confirm if the products in good packing or  if the quantity is correct once received the shipment. Should any loss or damage, please contact the international Express Company and take photos for evidence. If is not the international Express Company responsibility  , please contact us directly for more details.

3 - New Products
When Sitela launch the new products information, there will be 20 free quotas, which could get the latest products free. Please download the application form for new products and send it to, after received the new products, you should advise us some opinion and suggestion.

Sitela will send the latest product information and pricing to our long-term dealers regularly, if you are interested in our products, please contact us.

4 - Shipment transport policy
Lost in China, we will pay the full amount of the order (we will buy insurance for the products, in case the products are lost or damaged).
Delivery of goods to international express company, once the shipment information could be tracked by its website, the loss or damage will be responsible by international express company, we will fully help the buyers for claim. We advise you to buy insurance for the products, so that you could get the compensation as per the invoice value you used for the customs.